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Ayzenberg Consulting LLC is a New York City Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Law Firm. Ayzenberg Consulting LLC is a boutique firm specializing in corporate and individual tax returns, audited financial statements, and real estate services.


The select industries and clients that Ayzenberg Consulting LLC specializes to works with are: 

  • Start-ups and their Employees with Equity-Based Compensation

  • Employees of Publicly Traded Technology companies such as Meta, Google, Amazon, Coinbase, Microsoft, Netflix, & others.

  • High-Net-Worth Individuals

  • Not for Profit Organizations

  • Business Clients from Service Industries, including Corporations and Partnerships

  • Real Estate 

  • Multinational Organizations


We offer more than just financial statements and reports to our clients. We work in collaboration with you to ensure that you understand your financial situation and have all the information to make sound business decisions. Ayzenberg Consulting LLC prides itself on its ability in creating a positive rapport with all of our clients, assisting them in the interpretation of financial statements and preparation for future budgets.


Ayzenberg Consulting LLC is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service with professionals you can depend on.

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